Confidence in the saddle and out.

Confidence in the saddle and out.

The ultimate total personal transformation for horse lovers, entrepreneurs and those like to dream big!

I help women from around the world change their future … because if you can dream it… then its possible!

Do you ever get that feeling that life is passing you by and you still haven’t got to where you want to be, with your horses, with your home, career, you name it. I want to help you to change that.

What if you could go from stuck and uncertain to free and confident?

What if you could stop feeling anxious and inadequate and instead feel fulfilled and happy?

What would it feel like to create complete clarity and alignment in your life?

Do you constantly find yourself searching for something that will uplevel your whole life?

You have big ambitions, dreams and aspirations but have no idea how to bring them into your reality.

Would you do ANYTHING to feel deeply fulfilled with your achievements, accomplishments and success and that NOTHING is going to hold you back, get in you way or stop you from now on?

Do you long to be in full control of your confidence with horses and life?

How would it feel to totally transform your confidence; not just with horses and riding but with your whole life?!

Questions questions I know!… You see, its my passion to help people from around the world change their future … achieve great things… because if you can dream it… its possible!
What is your big vision?

This is a unique opportunity to get real results and put into action a real tangible strategy and plan to totally transform your confidence with horses, riding and life!

 You may have never heard of coaching online for equestrians, after all riding horses is a very physical thing. This is a very different approach from the traditional methods that you may or may not have tried. Its all about feeling good about yourself and your lifestyle.
Let’s shine a light on your limiting beliefs and grow your courage, generate your sense of well being and satisfaction.
I am a big believer in manifesting your dreams and that doesn’t mean wishing it would come true, it means making your dreams become your reality. Figuring it out so that more good stuff happens.
I help women from around the world change their future … achieve great things… because if you can dream it… its possible!

Is your heart pounding? Do you feel the passion? Are you ready to do this?

You won’t regret it, I promise!…

Support – I’ve got your back, its powerful to know that you have someone who will listen and see your point of view. I know horses and I know the challenges that you face that can feel enormous but with the right guidance and support you will be able to conquer all that stands in your way.

Plan and strategise – Its like drawing a map to your destination, what ever it may be.

Accountability –  I will hold you accountable so that you implement your plan. Having a reason to put plans into action can be the difference between success and failure. 

 Visualise – If you can dream it then you can make it happen. I love visualising it opens up the way forward and empowers your soul!

 Mindset – This the key to unlocking your potential, learning how to work on your own mindset is the most powerful thing that can literally transform your life!

Challenges and how to find solutions – Sometimes its hard to see the way forward but I will help you to find your solutions that will lead you to your success!

 Celebrate your successes! – We will look back on your progress and reflect on all that you have achieved in our time together. Because its going to be truly awesome!

So why me? What do I have to offer you?

At 19 I left my home in South East London to go to Bicton College of Agricultural in beautiful Devon in the South West England and graduated with a diploma in horse studies, this included; nutrition and welfare, equine science, equitation, as well as teaching. I worked with a wide variety of horses for many years, from riding schools to livery yards and prestigious private yards.

Now I live the good life in rural Bulgaria with my family, my horses, cats and dogs. I have big visions and guess what? I will achieve them… through a combination of planning, strategy and my own determination.

I have a deep desire to help, support and nurture the unique talents of others. Because I have struggled with my own confidence issues that held me back and suppressed my talents.

I used to listen to those who would criticise, belittle me or tell I was inadequate, I believed them. It took me years to realise that actually, I am more than enough!

Now I ride horses with confidence, I am a confident person and I can create my future the way I want it!

Its all up to me and I can do anything that I set my heart on. Yes I find help, reassurance and whatever it is I need to get me there. But I will not let life pass me by, I will not let others restrict my visions, my dreams and aspirations.

For a child who “wouldn’t say boo to a goose” I think I’ve not done too badly.

So let this be inspiration for YOU!

Confidence in the saddle AND out of the saddle.

This is a unique service designed for people who know that there’s more to life than struggle and drudge. There’s a whole world opportunity and its yours for the taking (I know that sounds a bit cheesy but it IS true!) Its time to set yourself free.

I will work with you to create lasting change with your individual circumstances. I have created the following programme. Designed as a container full of love and integrity to support you as my client fully and completely.

Here’s what’s included:

Initial 2 hour intensive strategy session – we will dive deep into your ideals and your visions, we will set out your own personal plan for your progress.

12 Private one-to-one sessions via Skype, zoom or Facebook call. – We will meet every week via zoom, you will receive help and support and encouragement to progress along your way to achieving those goals and visions that we set out in your initial session. 
3 months email support – You will have my full support in between sessions, via email or messenger.
During this 12 weeks of this programme your personal action plan will give you both confidence and clarity and empower you to feel the full potential and possibilities that lie ahead. Its part of the creation of the vision of everything that you want to be a part of your lifestyle. The vision that over the course of our time together we will see into fruition.
Each week you will get a full hour to work through your challenges, find solutions and build your confidence and your courage with horses and riding, through clarity and positive energy and you will be fully in control of all areas of your life.
Its a very personal service and strictly confidential.
The Result and Outcome to Expect…
You will feel uplifted, free, happy and confident, able to see exactly how you are going to achieve ALL of those things that once felt impossible and you will well on your way to achieving your most ambitious of goals, because we will have created a clear and concise plan.
 And as a result you will know how to create plans for yourself like this in the future, there is no holding you back now!
 How much easier, clearer, happier will your life be as a result of your total transformation.
And oh yes, its going to be SO worth it!
So let’s begin…
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