Welcome to The Confident Rider Project.


This website has been lovingly created to help horse riders all over world to boost their confidence with horses and riding.

Over the course of my life and career I have noticed a common trait that holds people back from achieving their full potential when it comes to riding horses. It happens to people who are novices as well as those who are very experienced. Losing your confidence with horses and riding is frustrating, disheartening and down right soul destroying. And its my aim, ambition and passion to help you to progress, improve and evolve and generally enjoy horses more.

It is my aim to make this website, friendly, accessible, informative, interesting, inspiring and motivational.

Using my knowledge and experience of horses from my many years of working as a groom, I intend to provide a  free recourse to all who are interested.

I also provide some more in depth services in terms of private coaching for those who seek a unique and personal approach to solving their problems and accomplishing their goals whatever they may be.

I encourage feed back as well as suggestions for resources that are useful to you.

Thank you for your time and support.

Hannah Freeman