Private 1-2-1 mindset coaching for horse riders.


This website is full of useful tools tips and information to help you to move forward and push through your limitations as a rider and horse owner.

But what if you would like more help? What if you could do so much better if only you had someone to help you to understand those daemons in your head? The anxieties and worries that are causing you stress and stopping you from enjoying horses as you should be. Life is stressful enough without the guilt and pressures that you feel for not riding your horse enough.

And horses are not just a hobby, they are part of your lifestyle, the thought of giving up of selling your darling horse makes you feel awful…

So what is the answer…

If riding horses means EVERYTHING to you then I can help you.

One to one coaching is great for anyone who wants TOTAL TRANSFORMATION in theie riding confidence. Because its an opportunity to work through your personal mindset issues and shine a light on your doubts and to reset your relationship with horses and riding.

We will dive deep into your set backs and explore where you would truly love to be with your riding, we will devise a plan, a bit like a road map that will get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

If you can dream it, then its possible!

Find out more about the exclusive programmes and packages:

Love horses, love life – 12 weeks coaching programme.

Ride everyday with freedom and joy! – 1 month intensive.

Lets chat about you, your horses and the possibilities… click here and choose a time that suits you… don’t forget to select your time zone.