The Confident Rider Dressage Schooling Music.

What can Riding to Music do for You and Your Equine Friend?



• Perfect rhythm – the fundamental of your high scoring dressage test.


• Master riding to music and fluid transitions.

• Timed schooling sessions – no more “too short/too long” or checking your watch.

• Maintain focus with interesting and varied music for horse and rider.

• Schedule workouts for increasing levels of fitness.

• Resolves schooling “confidence” issues or blocks.

• Fun!


Why do you need this?

The bottom line is, the fitter a horse and rider are the better they perform as a team.

That’s why our MP3 downloads have one’Workout’ session of just walk + trot (2 sessions in pony workouts). Fitness levels allow progression to increasing work and variation of length, using walk, trot and canter. It’s not just the horse which needs to get fit enough to complete a fast 30 minute schooling session, but you do too!
Riding to music ensures an even tempo using our carefully selected beats per minute (bpm) which means you can tell whether your session is effective or not. Without a carefully maintained rhythm you’ll be throwing away points in front of a judge.
The music contains instructions telling you when the tempo is about to change and you need to make a transition. Riding transitions to music will teach you how to make a perfect “on cue” transition sure to wow the crowd.
With a fun score for 3 different sizes of horse (and contact us if you’re not sure!), we’ve got something to put a spring in your step!
All workout sessions are carefully timed to include a “cool down” period so you and your best friend can catch your breath and you can rest assured you’ve made the most of your schooling session.
So how does it work?

Download the mp3 files to your ipod or a similar device, one that enables your horse to hear the music too is great.

Choose your workout, there are four in each pack which increase in length, so choose the one suitable for your horse’s fitness level.

Listen to the vocal instructions which tell you when the pace is about to change.

Ride your own exercises and school maneuvers.

Feel the satisfaction of a worthwhile schooling session.

Perfect for early mornings, late nights, poor weather and time-squeezed riders everywhere!
You will receive an email with you music files to download. Please also note you can access the files any time you like via a secret Facebook group so that you can always access the music. 

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