The 90 Day Fitness Programme + bonuses.


The 90 Day Fitness Program – is great for establishing a good level of fitness. It can be used in conjunction with the The Confident Rider Project Dressage Music also known as Musical Ride Company Workouts. This program is designed to get you from a basic level of fitness to a level at which your horse will perform better at show and look fabulous! It is designed to gradually build up stamina, using a combination of hacking and schooling.

It will be necessary for you and your horse to be already able to ride an hours hack with some trotting and cantering before commencing either of the fitness program.

Allow 1-2 hours riding per day (with one day per week off) for this plan to work to its full potential. By the end of the 90 Day Program – your horse will be able to do a 45 minute session in mostly trot and canter. This level of fitness would be needed if you wanted to go hunting or novice eventing, a good bench mark to reach and maintain whatever your discipline.  Having a fitter horse will give you a leading edge when it comes to any discipline.

A horse that is fitter and has more stamina will look better in the show ring, do a better dressage test and look fabulous because they feel good.


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