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Dressage Schooling Music.

  • Get your horse fit and wow the crowds and the judges in the show ring.
  • Be the owner of a fabulously fit and responsive horse.
  • Enjoy the process of working with your horse and progressing.
  • Built deeper trust and rapport with your horse.
  • Be the envy of the yard.

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90 Day Fitness Programme.

  • Get your horse super fit.
  • A fit horse is a healthier horse.
  • Spend time with your horse and really make that time count.
  • Have plan and strategy to your riding.
  • Achieve a professional level of fitness that will be hugely satisfying.
  • Your horse will look great (as you gallop your lap of honour ,when you win your class, when you’veĀ  wowed the judge’s because your horse is oozing charisma because he looks and feels amazing!)

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Dressage Schooling Music $45

90 Day Fitness Programme $45

Get the bundle!

Dressage Music + 90 Day Fitness Programme

Only $69