My story

Hello, I’m Hannah,

I help horse riders all over the world rediscover their riding mojo by reuniting them with their passion for horses and riding…
This is my story…
How it all started … I have always been passionate about horses…

For me horses have always been an important part of my life. I love nothing more than the company of a horse. They have so much to teach you if you listen carefully. Horses for me are far more than a hobby, its a lifestyle that I love. I cannot imagine being without them. Horses bring out my confidence and are part of who I am.

But I was not one of those kids who had ponies from an early age. I worked at a small riding school, in all weathers, 365 days of the year, in return for free rides.
I went to agricultural college to study horses, many of my fellow students had owned and ridden their own ponies since they were three. But I was determined not to let my lack of experience hold me back, I took the opportunity to learn as much as I could. I rode lots of different horses from native ponies to ex-race horses, I learnt dressage, show jumping, equitation, equine anatomy and physiology, teaching and best of all independence.
For many years I worked as groom, I was always extremely fit and had a fabulous sun tan in the summer. I rode lots of horses, being quite small (and in those days very light weight) I got to ride children’s ponies, youngsters, point to pointers. I had to ride horses that were difficult and needed a lot of understanding and patience. You know, the ones that no one else wants to ride due to the near death experiences sometimes experienced….I guess you could call it character building.
 I bought my first horse when I was 31 with my own hard earned money (and a little help from the passing of my Grandma).
After so many years of looking after other peoples horses I was the proud owner of a very handsome Welsh Section D.
So what happened in my life that gave me Confidence with horses and riding and how has it changed me?

I have not always been a confident rider, overcoming my confidence issues has made me a more confident person in general. Horses have often made me exercise my ‘confidence muscle’, they do sometimes make me fearful and I have lived through many tricky rides, naughty horses in the show ring and a fair few ‘hair-em scare-em’ rides. I survived to tell the tale and I am a stronger person and feel empowered because of it.

Along the way I have often noticed how other people around me struggle with their nerves when it comes to horses and riding and face challenges that stop them enjoying horses. Often its experienced riders who have for whatever reason lost their confidence or sometimes its people who have come to horses later in life but found that its not as easy as it looks. These are such common problems and cannot be dealt with simply by saying… ‘Oh pull yourself together!’ Because the problem lies at a deeper level than most people realise.
Many feel embarrassed about it or just wish there was some way to train themselves to be more confident.
Guess what… there is!
We horsey people spend a lot of our hard earned money in pursuit of our horses, not to mention time and energy. So I think you will agree… its worthwhile doing something about the things that trouble you, keep you awake at night and cause unnecessary stress.
Riding horses helped my confidence, from a shy introvert to a confident woman ready to take on anything that life throws at me… because of the way I dealt with my own confidence issues.
 Riding horses is always going to have its thrills and spills, let’s face it.
I have steadily grown my experience as a confident rider coach. I began by helping friends and progressed to offering my coaching services professionally. I started The Confident Rider Project because I felt a need help other riders like myself get more from their horses, because I know how important horses are to me.
I use my horsey experience and powerful coaching techniques to help riders all over the world. Coaching is all about discovery and creating transformation and I love to help people create lasting positive change in their lives.
Horses have taken me through my highest highs and lowest lows in life. It´s the one thing that I have consistently “done” up to this
day, riding and being with horses. An unbroken passion that never gets less. Let me reunite you with your passion.
Have I inspired you?


Hannah X

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