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Free Guide –  12 Ways to Boost Your Confidence With Horse and Riding.


12 Practical ways to boost your confidence with horses and riding.

Easy to do.

Apply to you and your horses.

Simple yet effective.




Free Confidence Boosting Session – with Hannah Freeman (equestrian lifestyle and confidence coach). 


Discover how to up-level your confidence, whatever stands in your way, blocks you from that feeling of freedom and joy.

Get super clear on exactly how to ride with confidence everyday!

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Free Dressage Music  – Great for Confidence boosting.

Try our unique dressage training music for free!

Includes 7 minute music sample,

‘How to use’ video.

Free guide –  How to ride the perfect dressage test.

See read more about the benefits of riding to music and to order the full version click the link below!

See full version of The Confident Rider Project Dressage Schooling Music