The Feel Good Factor – Day 7 – What now?

Its the last day, but also the most empowering, illuminating and exciting!

Its time to put all this into practice…

Today’s task is to create your own timeline, a plan of action that is going to see all that you have dreamed, imagined and desired put into a useful, tangible plan.

Choose a time scale that easy not too long. One that you feel happy with, say 90 days or 3 months. Maybe even treat yourself to a new diary or print out a planning sheet and plot your plans and your goals, make them obtainable and realistic but at the same time its important to make them worth while and satisfying, so that you are pushing yourself and really making a big difference.

Write your goals in an actual strategy so that you can follow your own plan and put it all into action.

This 7 day programme has been a whistle stop tour or a brief glimpse at what could be, what will be, if you want it to be…

I am so absolutely honoured that you have stuck with me.

Has it helped you? How did it feel?

If you would like some more help with this and you haven’t done so already, book yourself a strategy session and lets work these plans of yours out together!

Oh, and there’s this that you will just love!



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