The Feel Good Factor – Day 6: Gathering momentum with your new found confidence.

Day 6: Gathering momentum with your new found confidence.

So are you buzzing with positive energy, have I given you some inspiration, motivation and courage to go fourth and do, with new found enthusiasm and a lust for conquering those previously (seemingly) impossible or at least uncomfortable situations? Your untapped potential can now flow out into the world and who knows where it will take you.

Horses are my passion, have always been and will always be. I used to be the shyest, quietest, most introverted person and now I have changed my life for the better. By learning to believe in myself, by learning how to control my own fears, anxieties and lack of self esteem.

Now I want to help others to free themselves, to feel their own unique power that can literally set you free, to ride horses, to do whatever you want in life with confidence, courageousness and calm. To control you fears and anxieties and to life an abundant life.

Don’t miss tomorrows final installment, there’s something really special for you if you would like more ‘Feel Good Factor’!




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