The Feel Good Factor – Boost your confidence with horses and riding – 7 Days to success – Day 4

Day 4: Finding solutions for the things that hold you back.

Horse riders, horse lovers, those who love their equestrian lifestyle. This is for you…

Now this may sound easier said than done, but there is always a way, it may not be so obvious to you…

It may be a little uncomfortable, but the reward will be tremendous.

So WHAT will it take to get you past the things that are holding you


Is the vision of what life will look like when you have accomplished the things that hold you back, reward enough? If not then go back and visualise some more.


Another thing that can be very effective to get you to venture out of your comfort zone is to reward yourself. When you have achieved the thing that is eluding you. Decide on a small self indulgent reward, a hot chocolate, a new book, something that makes you feel good.

And if you fail don’t be too hard on yourself… go back a step to where you are comfortable and try again.

Now this may seem a little vague. That’s because I want this to be applicable for any circumstance you feel appropriate, whether it be horses and riding or something else.

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