The Feel Good Factor – boost your confidence with horses, riding and life – 7 Days to success!

Day 3: What are the issues that get in your way?


Horse riders, horse lovers, those who love their equestrian lifestyle. This is for you…

As you will have already have realised, this programme is designed to build up an awareness, help you to explore the possibilities and start to create a picture of how you want things to be, your riding, your lifestyle and everything that makes you truly happy. 

Today we are looking at the issues that get in your way. You may not even realise how your subconscious affects you and controls you. Your inner being is programmed to keep you save and to protect you from anything potentially harmful. But wouldn’t it be good to be able to control these instincts and to free yourself from the restrictions and the anxieties that they you experience on a daily basis.

Yesterday when we talked about how things make you feel, the good things that make you feel good and the things that hold you back and leave you feeling stuck or left behind, not so good.

Write down the things, or situations that cause you to feel uncomfortable.

Tomorrow we will be focusing on solutions and finding the answers and ways to conquer all these doubts fears whatever you are experiencing.

I would love to chat about how you are finding this programme, one of the aims of this ‘7 Days to success’is to provide a really valuable free resource, that will be extremely valuable for anyone who wants to up-level their confidence with horses and riding and anyone who has great untapped ambitions and big dreams that they are determined to see into reality. That’s why I  called this programme ‘The Feel Good Factor’!

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Tomorrow Day 4: Finding solutions for the things that hold you back.


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