The Feel Good Factor – 7 Days to success Day 2.

Day 2:  Life without your confidence issues –  What does yours look like?

Horse riders, horse lovers, those who love their equestrian lifestyle and elite equestrians. This is for you…

Before we dive into today’s action step, I wanted to shed some light as the purpose of this 7 day programme, who it is for, what to expect and why it might be helpful to you.

I have building up a useful collection of articles and blogs, complete with actionable steps that anyone can apply to themselves and their own situation.

The idea is to guide you through a process that will shine a light of the things that are holding you back, the things that are blocking you from enjoying horses and life.

This seven day programme is a complete transformation and short bite of the much larger and more in depth programmes that I offer. I would really appreciate your feedback.

So today I want you to take those five things that you wrote down yesterday (if you didn’t see yesterday’s post here’s the link.)

For each of those things that you would like to do with your horse.

Are they things that you do already?

How do you feel about those things, take a moment to think about how they make you feel.

Are the things that you wrote down yesterday things that you can’t or haven’t done yet?

How will you feel when you do those things?

Take some time to imagine how you will feel.

These action steps may seem rather simple, what I want to do is sow seeds in your mind that you will work on in your mind throughout the day.

I would love you to share your thoughts in the comments or feel free to PM me on Facebook.

And don’t forget to book your free strategy session, where I will personally help you to put all these daily action steps into a real tangible plan for you to use to dramatically improve any area of life that needs improvement.

You can choose a time that suits you HERE, don’t forget to select your time zone. If you can’t see a time that suits you then contact me and I will find a time for you.


Tomorrow – Day 3: What are the issues that get in your way?


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