Feel Good Factor – 7 days to success – boost your confidence with horses, riding and life.

Day 1: Fun and innovative ways to get past your confidence issues.

Life has its ups and downs but you are strong so you can take all sorts of thrills and spills. As you may have heard me say before and its true, if you ride horses, want to ride horses used to ride horses and want to ride to ride more then you are a brave person.

You can take on pretty much anything that life throws at you and not just survive but thrive!

But what if you have some nagging doubts and worries that get in your way and prevent you from riding as you used to or as you should.

Take a few minutes to think about how you would like things to be, in an ideal world, if you could wave a magic wand…

Write down five things that you would like to do with your horse.

Be as bold as you like, its good to dream big!

This is the first of 7 days of blog posts that will get you thinking about what you want from your horses and how it will effect you, then we tackle all those things that hold you back.

I would love for you to comment below and let me know what you think of today’s action step, if you want to share your five things in The Confident Rider Facebook group or privately in a PM on Facebook I love to connect with other horsey people.

Be sure to drop by tomorrow for Day 2:  Life without your confidence issues –  What does yours look like?

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2 Responses to “Feel Good Factor – 7 days to success – boost your confidence with horses, riding and life.

  • Hannah Reynolds
    4 weeks ago

    This is fab! I won’t be able to do 7 days straight in a row but going to give you tips a good old go, I just keep thinking I can do this I’ve done it before so why can’t I now

    • Hannahf
      3 weeks ago

      Great, yes its fine to do the programme at your own pace. Although you will get an email with a link for your daily action step, so you might want to save them. 🙂