The Feel Good Factor!

The Feel Good Factor – Boost your confidence with horses riding and life –  7 Days to success!

Starts Monday 15th January!

This is for you if you are a mum returning to riding after having children or if you work as a groom and you are wondering, or you already know, that there is more to life… Or if you have some big ambitions and dreams that you want to breathe life into and investigate, fuel your desire and have a little peak into what your life can be like if you have some passion triggering insights into what could be….

Help yourself to get back in the saddle, put the sparkle back in your smile and the passion back in your heart.

Get daily tasks to give you the inspiration, the motivation, the nudge, kick up the arse, encouragement, shove in the right direction, what ever you need to make a major break through with your confidence issues with horses, riding and life.


Day 1: Learn a fun and innovative ways to get past your confidence issues.

Day 2:  Life without your confidence issues –  What does yours look like?

Day 3: What are the issues that get in your way?

Day 4: Finding solutions for the things that hold you back.

Day 5: Planning your way forward.

Day 6: Gathering momentum with your new found confidence.

Day 7: What now?

From following  these simple daily action steps, you will build your plan and create your own success!

+ get a bonus private 30 minute strategy session.

Hallelujah Its Free, click the link below and you’re in!

Yes please I want to boost my confidence with horses, riding and life! 

You will receive daily emails, access to the daily action steps and  you can book your free strategy session!




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