The Feel Good Factor!

The Feel Good Factor…

 The perfect way to boost your confidence

with horses riding and life.

7 Days to success!

If you ever get the feeling that life is passing you by, that you need to get a grip on life and get yourself motivated and inspired to do more of the things that light you up and make you feel good. Because feeling good is something you need more of, am I right?

Perhaps you are a mum returning to riding after having children or you work as a groom and you are wondering, in fact you know, that there is more to life…

Or you have some big ambitions and dreams that you want to breathe life into and investigate, fuel your passions and desires and have a little peak into what your life can be like, if you have some passion triggering insights into what could be….

Help yourself to get back in the saddle, put the sparkle back in your smile and the passion back in your heart.

With this 7 day programme (which is completely free), you will get daily tasks or action steps to give you the inspiration, the motivation, the nudge, kick up the ass, encouragement, shove in the right direction, what ever you need to make a major break through, not only  with your confidence issues with horses and riding, with other aspect of life too!

Yes its true that tackling confidence issues with your horse will make you stronger and more defiant to do anything and everything that you want to do in life.

Its a personal journey that will ask you questions, get you thinking and stretch your imagination. Its all about dreaming big, feeling good, setting goals and creating a plan to get you there, wherever or what ever that looks like for you. There are no limits!

Here’s what we will cover in the 7 day programme…

Day 1: Fun and innovative ways to get past your confidence issues.

Day 2:  Life without your confidence issues –  What does yours look like?

Day 3: What are the issues that get in your way?

Day 4: Finding solutions for the things that hold you back.

Day 5: Planning your way forward.

Day 6: Gathering momentum with your new found confidence.

Day 7: What now?

From following  these simple daily action steps, you will build your own plan and create your own success!

The good news is … This programme is completely free! And you get a complementary private 30 minute strategy session, to help you with your strategy and plan. 


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When you sign up you will receive daily emails with access to the daily action steps and you will be able book your free strategy session at a time that suits you.

So who the heck am I… And why listen to me?!

This is me, Hannah, and my horse Max, the love of my life.

I have a deep desire to help, support and nurture the unique talents of others. Because I have struggled with my own confidence issues that held me back and suppressed my talents.

I used to listen to those who would criticise, belittle me or tell I was inadequate, I believed them. It took me years to realise that actually, I am more than enough!

Now I ride horses with confidence, I am a confident person and I can create my future the way I want it! Because I know I am worthy of great success!

Its all up to me and I can do anything that I set my heart on. Yes I find help, reassurance and whatever it is I need to get me there. But I will not let life pass me by, I will not let others restrict my visions, my dreams and aspirations.

And so I want to show others how their lives can look, what changes they can make to create a life that feels amazing, with their horses and with all aspects of life.

This programme is completely free and will help anyone who applies it to themselves. There is however a purpose to all of this and that is to offer further personal help and support to those who would like it.

So what are you waiting for, come on a little journey of discovery with me.

I would love to know how this programme helps you. Don’t forget to grab your complimentary strategy session!


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You will receive daily emails, access to the daily action steps and you will be able book your free strategy session at a time that suits you.


“I really enjoyed Hannah’s Feel Good Factor -7 Days to Success program! As an older and unconfident rider, I have a lot of fears that hold me back from enjoying my horse the way I really want to.  In her program Hannah had me write down my dreams for my horse, and then write down all my fears. There were so many!! Most are the “what if’s” kind. By identifying them one by one and coming up with a plan to address them, I feel so much freer and more confident that I can finally start realizing my dreams with my horse! I’m now creating a 3 month plan of action to start doing the things I’ve dreamed about for so many years! Thank you, Hannah! “



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