Get off the couch and on your horse!


So you have some rather epic New Years resolutions!?

I do too.

But how will you stay on track to actually make sure that you achieve all your intentions.

Do you fear that the usual procrastinations, stagnations  and general giving in gracefully will sweep in and take over and you will be exactly where you are now this time next year?

What about changing all that? What about giving yourself a chance to not just succeed but create the success that you crave. However that looks for you.

Its all there in you already, that’s the exciting thing. It there waiting for you to let it out. Your creativity, your abundance, your success, your happiness.


What I find is that with the power of a bit of accountability and someone to support you, a plan, a strategy and a mapped out course of action, its so much easier.

If you can feel the feeling of the things that you desire, if you can see how they will come to life, then they are as good as done, pretty much yours!

The Confident Rider Project is not just about getting you riding with confidence, its a lifestyle thing.


Join us in The Confident Rider Project Facebook group and tell us about your New Year resolutions.

There’s still time to join the latest Confident Rider Project programme that is great to create a total transformation and quantum leap your confidence with horse, with riding and with life.

There’s 3 options to choose from!

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