Are you frightened of losing control? (Part 1)

Horses are dangerous…. but that doesn’t stop us loving them!

Getting on the back of a horse is dangerous lets start by acknowledging that!

Its one of the most frequently feared things about riding horses that I hear all the time. But how can you take control of that fear?

Practical things – Let’s look at the things that we can do to help reduce the chances of disasters happening in the first place. There is nothing wrong with being cautious and implementing practical measures. This will help you to worry less.

1. Where ever possible make sure that your horse is calm – lunging horses before you ride is a great way to warm them up, build trust and rapor before you get on.

2. Make sure your horse’s tack fits properly – If you are not sure then ask someone to help you.

3. Don’t over feed horses – too much energy is not helpful to anyone, evaluate your horse’s diet if his behaviour is a problem. And constant access to hay is good as horses need constant gut movement.

4. Turnout as much as possible – horses who have plenty of time to just be horses are generally less stressed.

5. Training and ground work – is great for establishing boundaries and getting horses listening to you.

Tomorrow we will look at the ‘ Positive thinking’ – training your brain to stay calm.




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