The 10 Day Horses and Freedom Challenge – Day 5: Horses are your world.

Horses are your world – horses are the most enchanting, fascinating, mesmerizing, soul stirring creatures. A passion that never gets less.

And yet you feel restricted by your own anxieties and fears.

If this is so for you, then I want to help you to unlock your true potential. You see I know how it feels to feel petrified of getting on your horse, or doing certain things, that fill you with terror. It never used to but it does now! I know first hand the stress and frustration that it causes.

I also know, having overcome my own fears and frustrations, how that freedom and joy feels. Especially when ‘rediscovered’!

As we get older we take on more responsibility and its often one of the root causes of our anxieties, as well as the plain fact that we don’t bounce as well as we used to.

So I ask you the question, what does it mean to you to ride everyday with freedom and joy?

What are the things that you used to love doing that you don’t do any more… and would give anything to do again? (but without the leg locking fear!)

What are you prepared to do to get that feeling of freedom and joy back?






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