The 10 Day Horses and Freedom Challenge. Day 2: How to be the rider you want to be.

So how do you be the rider you want to be? Do you find yourself feeling guilty about not riding your horse enough? Or you feel that you are inadequate and you see others riding their horses and being so brave and you remember those distant days when you wouldn’t even give a second thought to getting on your horse and doing anything you please….

Lets turn this around….

  1. With your tasks from yesterday, take you first answer and give it a score out 10 as to how good it will make you feel when you do that thing that you can do with your horse that you find easy and with in your comfort zone.
  2. Next, take your second answer, your slightly out your comfort zone thing. How good does this make you feel when you think of having done that thing? Give it a score out of ten.
  3. Now take your third answer, that big goal, that thing that is completely out of your comfort zone. Imagine how this will feel, take a minute to close your eyes and immerse yourself in your visions and positive feelings. If any negative feelings come up, acknowledge them, take the useful bits and then let them go. But let the positive images in your imagination bloom and flow and feel how good it feels to do that thing that currently is not part of your reality.

Tomorrow we will explore the impact that today’s task will have.

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