The 10 Day Horses and Freedom Challenge – Day 1: Breaking the mould.

Its very easy to slip into habits and to forget that the things that hold you back from riding your horses with freedom and

joy are often actually not helping you at all.

But what can you do to break that mould and set yourself up for success?


Here is the first exercise for you to apply to you and your horses, to begin to get back to your utopia, get back your mojo…

Grab a note book or journal –

  1. Write down something that you can do with your horse that you find a pleasure and you are happy to do anytime.
  2. Next write down something that you find stretches your comfort zone just a bit.
  3. Now write down something that you would like to do but can’t, something that is outside of your comfort zone or going to take you a while to see it become reality.

Tomorrow we will explore your answers and begin to put together some necessary actions to get you feeling those good feelings, how its supposed to be. Give yourself that freedom that you are missing.

Feel free to share your answers in The Confident Rider Facebook group.


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