The Free Online 10 Day Horses and Freedom Challenge.

Over the course of the last year I have built up a large community of horse lovers from around the world.

To say thank you and to show case my work, I want to offer all in my community the opportunity to take part in a free 10 day challenge.

Its called The 10 Day Horses and Freedom challenge because I want it to give participants the opportunity to explore their own relationship with their horses, their confidence and the lifestyle that you experience.

I set up The Confident Rider Project to help riders with confidence issues. I realised through my own experiences of life that my overall confidence was vital to my well being and my lifestyle and was affected by my horses and riding.

I expect nothing in return from participants except to show up and engage in the challenge and share your successes with your friends and family.


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Here’s what we will cover:

Day 1: Breaking the mold.

Day 2: How do you want to be?

Day 3: What is like to ride everyday with freedom?

Day 4: The magic of being you.

Day 5: Horses are your world.

Day 6: How things used to be, how things are and how they will be.

Day 7: Let go!

Day 8: You deserve more.

Day 9: Setting yourself up for success.

Day 10: Radiant confidence.

Watch this space for more details and updates.
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