Online Academy of Confidence for Equestrian Women.

The ULTIMATE in life transformation for women who want to unlock their potential and create clarity, joy and freedom!

Exclusive 6 month programme… 

Starts January 2018 – (Sign up now and get one month plus bonuses free!)

Snap out of the mediocre and upgrade your life!?….  

Let’s begin your journey to confidence, courageousness and calm with horses, riding and life. 

How fantastic will it feel, in summer 2018 to have achieved that big vision, that big dream, the one that makes you feel emotional just thinking about!

How will it feel to be a confident rider, ready to take on shows, hacking alone, jumping…. you name it… lets make a start and get you on track for a fabulous, exciting, life changing, programme to get you off the couch and riding your horse for fun, joy and freedom.

Here’s the benefits:

  • Simple techniques that give you confidence with your riding.
  • Get to that next level – if you have been stuck for a while, this programme is ideal to give you the boost that you need. 
  • Feel great about horses and riding – because you should feel great about riding horses!
  • Explore and manifest success into other areas of life too!
  • Ride to your full potential.
  • Super easy tips and techniques that you can apply to you and your horse.
  • Small intimate group of 10-15 like minded women.
  • Daily help and support in the dedicated secret Facebook group.
  • Weekly group calls to motivate and inspire you.
  • Accountability and encouragement to progress and put your plans into action.Celebrate you successes!


Here’s how it works:

You will get 8 one on one sessions private strategy sessions via Skype or Zoom.

Your own personal road map for success.

Email or messenger support throughout the 6 month programme to really give the ultimate transformation and value.

Access to a secret Facebook group ONLY for Academy members – which is full of useful resources and will be a secure place to share your progress and your successes.

Access to the dressage music as soon as you sign up – its in the secret Facebook group already and waiting for you!


The Confident Rider Project dressage music in the private Facebook group, as soon as your payment has been processed.

The Confident Rider Dressage Schooling music comes as part of this package. You can download the music and use it as much as you want. You may access and use the music as soon as your payment has been processed. The links to download the dressage schooling music are in the private Facebook group.

Please note that there are instructions that explain how to use the music as well as disclaimers included in the download files, please read them carefully before you use the dressage schooling music. You will need a device such as a phone with plenty of storage capacity.


Hannah Freeman Equestrian lifestyle and confidence coach

Quit the struggle and let me help…

It is my passion and life long dream to help riders and horse owners like you, to overcome confidence issues and challenges with horses and riding and its something that I put a lot of heart and soul, blood sweat and tears into. And you can ask anyone who knows me to find out whether that is true.

I pride myself on giving lots of free information, help and support through blog posts and videos via my dedicated Facebook group The Confident Rider Project group and The Confident Rider Project website.

But what if you want more?.. what if you have a BIG dream that makes you feel giddy at the idea of but you feel even giddier at the prospect of actually achieving it.

What if you had a strategy , like a road map, with expert support and a rock solid plan?…

What would it mean to you know that you have support, accountability, a plan, a system, someone who understands you… to get to wherever it is YOU want to be?…

You want an exclusive service that is tailored YOU as an individual, because all the free blog posts and videos are useful but general.

If you have a burning desire to up-level, transform, push through your limitations, grab your dreams and run with them… I can help YOU!

This is only for those with a strong desire for radical self improvement… one thing is for sure, you will not regret it!

This 6 month programme is $2500 Which can be paid in full or installments.

Sign up now and get one month plus bonuses free!

To secure your place pay in full by clicking the Paypal button below or contact me at to request payment by installments. 


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