How to stop over thinking… horses, riding and life.

1. Put things into perspective – You are where you are and life has its ups and downs but you are strong so you can take all sorts of trills and spills. As you may have heard me say before and its true, if you ride horses, want to ride horses used to ride horses and want to ride to ride more then you are a brave person. You can take on pretty much anything that life throws at you and not just survive but thrive!

2. Take on your negative thoughts and understand them they are only trying to protect you – Write them down on a piece of paper, just let your thoughts flow onto your piece of paper, and forgive each of these negative thoughts and, understand them, thank them for protecting you and let them go.

3. Give yourself some action steps – think of some practical things that will encourage you and give yourself a boost, or a reason to think positively. Go for a hack with a friend or book a lesson. Buy yourself something nice as reward.

4. Turn bad thoughts into good thoughts – For every negative thought, try to stop yourself and then in your mind play a positive version of that bad vision, what ever it was how ever ridiculous it was, start to make a habit of taking your bad visions and turning them into good visions.

5. Calm and quieten your mind – Meditation is a good way to do this. Try to create time in your day, maybe first thing in the morning or last thing at night, I know how hard it can be to find quiet time during the day if you can kids and a busy life. Centre yourself, breath and relax.

7. Be nice to yourself – A really good way to stop over thinking is to stop blaming yourself for things and look after yourself. Do things that make you feel good, this will make to feel better about life in general and stand you in good stead for more success with your horses, they will notice a difference in you, they will feel calmer in your presence and it will give you a much better state of mind to ride horses and be calmer, happier and more fulfilled with life.

Do you find yourself wishing that you were more confident rider?

Would you do anything to be able to able to leave behind all those things that inhibit you?

Its because I know only too well those feelings worry, guilt, frustration, fear, anxiousness, and most of all disappointment that I have taken it upon myself to do something to help others.

Book a free strategy session here and lets chat about you, your horses and the possibilities.


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