The Confident Rider Project presents: Expanding Consciousness With Horses. With Emma Izabel Aoomi Kuningas.


Whenever we encounter obstacles with our horses we may feel powerless, which can lead to frustration.

To find out the solutions to every problem, we must be aware of many things and doing so it is possible figure out how to manage these situations and overcome the difficulties.

This whole journey of gathering knowledge, becoming observant and aware expands our consciousness which makes us empowered in the most genuine way. Now the only step to take is to activate this process, so let us begin with these webinars.
I decided to create a new way of teaching for people who want to have the most genuine connection with their horses, because I myself experienced this feeling that “something is missing… my soul needs something more…” ever since I started to spend more time with horses.
Emma says:
I tried every teaching, method, technique that I could find, to have a bond with my horse. None of them got me feeling 100% me, at home, at peace, at ease with myself. All of them had something missing or misleading.
This is why I went so much further on my search than just horse communication and body language.

It felt like I learned about everything, although it is obviously impossible to do that. Besides all the other things, I learned why horses behave the way they do, with humans, horses, other animals. Also why humans behave as they do, with each other, with their horses and other pets.

When I finally felt entirely at peace and at home, I felt the need to share everything I know and so I began teaching. Knowledge empowers us and sets us free. When we are empowered, we can overcome any obstacle and find a solution for every problem. And this is my greatest wish when teaching, to set people free.
Emma Izabel Aoomi Kuningas
Three part online webinar starting Thursday 10th August at 3pm UK time tickets are $60 for all three webinars and you will get a recording that you can listen to again.
You will be able ask questions at the end of the 3rd webinar. For more information and you book your ticket please click here.

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