The Magic of Feeling Good! – How to stay calm, confident and in control in the saddle.


If you know that gripping fear that can completely control you when you ride your horse. Sometimes it makes you grip up, tense up or even makes you curl up or tip forward position, I have heard several people say that they go into a kind fetal position.

You know yourself that this is not doing you any favours at all.

So what can you do about it?

Its all about training yourself how to react, teaching yourself how to stay calm in tricky situations and how to stay in control of your own body.

Let’s face it, horses are big powerful creatures and they have a built in panic mode that protects them from perceived danger. This is something that us humans spend a lot time working with, desensitising, training and persuading horses that there is no danger and that they are safe with us.

But you can never completely eradicate horses from their natural instincts or behaviours that challenge us. And being a jitter rider obviously doesn’t help.

First of all, don’t forget you are already a brave person and riding horses makes you braver still!

Try this:

Practice the feeling of the state that you want to be feeling when you are riding. Confident, calm, courageous… these are words that I like to use but feel free to add your own here… What do you ‘want’ to feel when you are riding?

Now with those feelings in mind think of a time when you felt lets say for instance ‘calm’. Think of a time when you felt really calm.
Now think about that time … how did it look, smell, feel, think as much detail as you can.
When you get to the point where you are absorbed in that thought completely, breath a big deep breath and say ‘calm’ as you exhale.
Do this regularly, whenever you have a quiet moment. Then when you are riding and you feel tense or worried do the deep breath, feel that calm feeling and exhale to let the tension out.
And you can do t whatever feeling that want to feel more of.

Let me know if this works for you.

Much love, Hannah X


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