How you can live your vision and be a fearless rider


How long is it since you last rode? Is it weeks or even months, riding used to be your happy place, your hour or two of ‘me’ time. Have your nerves have taken a knock? Maybe you had a fall, or maybe just a near miss or two making riding can be a whole new challenge. You feel this terrible sense of dread when you think about riding and feel slightly relieved when you think of a good excuse. But its only making the problem worse, prolonging your pain, and yes, its nagging at you constantly. And you feel guilty about your darling horse, he is not very fit and he is getting a little fat and you are wasting your money keeping a horse that you don’t ride. Something has to be done, but what?

Here’s 5 things that can help you to see the way forward and ride with confidence and feel good about it.

1. Go for a hack with a friend. – This is great for giving you peace of mind and company for you and your horse and its nice to chat along the way too.

2.Book a lesson. – This will give you focus, push you gently and give you a good sense of achievement.

3. Buy a new pair of jodhpurs or a new thing that you’ll want to use for riding. – So that you feel great.

4. Do some ground work with your horse to build up confidence and rapor between you.

5. Meditate regularly to calm your mind and resolve those niggling anxieties.

I would love to know if any of these help you.

With love Hannah


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